Apartments For Rent In Kenmore Square

Kenmore is a Boston neighborhood towards the west of the city of Boston. For administration purposes, Kenmore is usually combined with its neighboring Fenway and referred to as Fenway-Kenmore. These two neighborhoods are among the most popular residential areas for students and professionals at the nearby neighborhoods. Kenmore is known as the heart of Boston and is the center of all day and night activities from sports – as home to baseball champions “Red Sox” – to all the night clubs and bars on Lansdowne Street. Kenmore is close to many colleges and universities including Boston University, Boston Conservatory, New England College of Optometry, Boston Architectural College, Berklee College of Music, Wentworth College, Northeastern University and School of MFA. The neighboring town of Fenway is home to the Colleges of the Fen like Simmons College and many other educational institutes like the Harvard Medical School in Longwood are also close by. This makes Kenmore quite popular for student housing and you will also see MIT students living here.

Kenmore apartments are also a good choice for professionals working in the neighboring towns of Brookline, Fenway, Allston, Brighton or Back Bay. Kenmore Square, which is the town’s busiest area and Audobon Circle have many nearby streets with good apartments for rent. These areas are also convenient because they are close to the MBTA B, C and D line stations and due to their proximity to the town’s shopping and eating places. If you are looking for homes for sale, you can look at our sales listings to get an idea of the kind of options can get in Kenmore. Kenmore is our back yard and our most concentrated listing options because we have been here for over 15 years and know the area best.

The Fenway and Kenmore neighborhoods are serviced by the MBTA buses and subway systems. Boston University’s Kenmore stop takes you to BU in around fifteen minutes while MIT is right over the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and is a short but most exhilarating 10 minutes’ walk you will ever take as you cross the fantastic views of the Charles River. Kenmore Properties’ location makes it the best real estate choice for Kenmore apartments for rent and for sale. Browse our real estate listings and contact us for more details. We are waiting to assist you in your search!