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Property Management


Management  Services  Offered

The following is a basic list of services we offer. Please be aware that we are not limited to any building structure, and we will accommodate to any requests. We understand that every property is unique. We look forward to adapting to your needs.


Kenmore Properties Boston practices preventative maintenance, maintenance repairs, and resident response services. Inspections are done on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis of every individual apartment unit to identify and correct any present or potential maintenance problems. We have maintenance personnel who perform various functions including waste disposal.

Rent/Fee Assessments Collection

Kenmore Properties Boston will collect all deposit and rental fees due from the residents. We also handle the billing and collection of extra charges, such as: late fees or damage fees. We will establish and implement policies and procedures for collecting rent on a timely basis


Kenmore Properties Boston uses advanced property management software to perform all bookkeeping functions. This program will allow us to produce accounts payable & receivable reports, in addition to occupancy reports, and general ledgers. Reports can be tailored to meet your needs at any time.

Leasing & Sales

Our company follows all plans and procedures for achieving a maximum level of occupancy that complies with the State and Federal Fair Housing Laws. Our successful experiences in leasing make us experts in tenant selection. We perform screening which includes previous landlord references, credit history, and criminal history. We have an onsite credit check program that permits us to perform a credit check within seconds. As a result, every building we manage maintains high occupancy rates, and low turnover.


Kenmore Properties Boston will develop a marketing plan that meets your objectives and can fit any size budget. The marketing plan will provide a detailed situational analysis that includes an external analysis of the market competition and environmental factors. In addition, specific marketing objectives that provides direction and a time frame for marketing activities.

Operational Budget

Annual development of an operating budget presenting projections of cash available or required to operate monthly – taking into consideration the seasonal aspects of apartment operations. Alongside with this, is the distribution of financial statements, which can be viewed in real time by owner’s portal and customized to fit your needs.

New Development Project Marketing

Our marketing department will develop a unique marketing plan to create optimal target market exposure and ensure an easy and efficient leasing or sale process. We use various marketing techniques to help assist with new developments such as social media and website building for more featured promotion of the building. Our team has a focuses on goal projection and can ensure high success rates.

Onsite Solutions

Not renting fast enough because of access? No problem we have the solution. We organize select viewing times once or several times a day dependent on need and can arrange it to be shown to cooperating brokers without disturbing the tenants. We can also employ doorman services if needed.

Short term Management

Not all owners need to have their property managed for a year and we seek to accommodate those who don’t. Kenmore Properties Boston will manage your property for up 1-11 Months on a short term contract with special provisions. Please call for more information.

Third Party Management

Kenmore Properties Boston offers third party Management services to other Management companies who are not able to manage their current building portfolio.

Security Services

We are in partnership with several security agencies and through them we can provide onsite surveillance and access control for doors and garages..


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